Xakt Komponents Inc provides Swiss CNC Machining of precision parts for today’s high technology industries. We have built a reputation of exceptional quality, state-of-the-art technology, and a commitment to excellence. 

Our focus is miniature machining and ultra-precision tolerances on parts less than 1.2500"” (32 mm) in diameter. We constantly handle any material, from the basic to the exotic. The efficiency of our operation means excellent pricing from prototypes up to production runs. 
We can be your one source supplier.

Our niche capabilities include :

* tolerances of +/-.0001” (0.00254mm)
* parts as small as .005” (0.127mm) (diameter and length),
* turned finishes to 8 microinches
* polished finishes to 4 microinches
* .004”(0.1mm) drilled holes 
* 30x depth to diameter ratio on micro drilled holes
* Super Alloy machining (Hastelloy, Inconel, HyMu 80)
* Kovar and Invar machining
* RoHS, DFARS and NADCAP processes and materials utilized.
*Passivate, Plating, NDT testing etc., via qualified Vendors
* ISO 9001:2000 certified 
* AS 9100 Rev B certified
* CGD registered (ITAR compliant)

We offer complete traceability of Material, Processes and Vendors to ensure that your parts are produced exactly to your specifications. 
Obligated to defect free processing we have been rewarded with dock to stock delivery programs with many of our Customers.

Employing over 12 staff members with a total of 100 person years of highly skilled experience, with a dedication to outstanding customer service, we look forward to servicing your requirements. 

Xakt Komponents Inc. provides integrity, quality, consistency, and dependability. 
We guarantee our company will meet or exceed your expectations.

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